Errors to avoid during your driving test

The practical driving test is your last step before receiving your full driving licence. It is therefore important you are aware of the mistakes that you could make that may prevent you from passing.

To pass your driving test you must have no serious or dangerous faults, and no more than 15 driving faults during the test.

These are the common areas that most drivers fail on:

  • Lack of Steering Control. Always keep both hands on the wheel when possible.
  • Breaking the Speed Limit.  Ensure you stay within the speed limit. Do not be influenced by other drivers if they are driving faster and breaking the speed limit. Be aware of the speed limit at all times.
  • Driving too closely to the car in front. Always keep sufficient room in between you and the car in front. This provides adequate time to brake.
  • Not checking your mirrors. Remember that you must always check both your rear mirror and side mirrors at regular times to ensure you are aware of other vehicles and hazards.
  • Not paying attention. It can be easy to be distracted by various elements when driving. These can include your mobile phone, other passengers, places of attraction or even your car stereo.
  • Lane Changing. Take extra care when changing lanes. Check your blind spot. If you change lanes you much signal with your indicator.
  • Allow the police, ambulances and fire brigades to pass safely and legally. Continue to drive until you find a place to safely pull out of the way.
  • Rolling stops. A common mistake made by drivers is not coming to an actual stop at Stop signs. Slowing down and then allowing your car to roll. You must ensure your car comes to a stop and does not roll over the line.
  • Parallel Parking can be a difficult task. The main task is not to hit any other cars or to drive onto the curb.
  • Not understanding road signs. Be confident on the Highway Code. Misinterpreting a road sign can be dangerous.