What is Pass Plus?

Learning to drive can be hard, but rewarding. Passing your test can make you feel like you are ready for the roads but there are often parts of driving that are not always covered during your lessons leading up to your test. These can include night driving or driving on motorways.

Pass Plus helps you develop your driving skills further and have you ready for every driving challenge you encounter.

Pass Plus training takes at least 6 hours. In normally has 6 modules which cover the following:

  1. Driving at night
  2. Driving on motorways including breakdown and general motorway safety
  3. Driving in all weather conditions
  4. Driving on rural roads
  5. Driving on dual carriageways
  6. Driving in town

The course is designed to teach new drivers additional skills and safer driving.  Drivers are able to apply for a Driver and Vehicle Standard Agency (DVSA) certificate once the Pass Plus course has been completed. This certificate will be required to present to your insurance company if you wish to apply for a discount on your car insurance. It is worth noting that not all insurance companies offer Pass Plus discounts so it is recommended to check.

The benefits of Pass Plus include the following:

  • Confidence & Experience – Increase your driving confidence and experience on all the areas that you didn’t get any or much focus on during your test.  This will help you gain an overall extra level of confidence for your driving ability.
  • No Pass or fail – Unlike the formal theory and practical tests you had to take so far, the Pass Plus course does not have a formal test at the end. The course is intended to simply make you a better driver