What is the theory test?

What exactly is the theory test?

The legal requirement within the UK to gain a full driving license requires you to first pass 2 separate tests; the first test is the theory test, which has to be passed prior to booking your final practical driving test.

The theory test is conducted in a dedicated theory test center local to you, under exam conditions and is built up of two parts.

Theory Test – First Part – The Questionnaire

A questionnaire, styled as a test paper is the first test you will be given. The test paper will require you to answer a series of questions on a computer provided with a maximum of 50 marks. The minimum pass mark is 43. 

The questions cover the following topics:

•safety and your vehicle


•hazard awareness

•road conditions and vehicle handling

•motorway driving

•vehicle loading

•rules of the road and traffic signs

•essential documents

•vulnerable road users

•incidents, accidents and emergencies

•other types of vehicle

Theory Test – Second Part – The Hazard Perception Test

The second and final part to your theory test is the hazard perception test. There are a maximum of 75 marks up for grabs for this test. In order to pass this section you will need to gain a minimum score of 44.  The test consists of you carefully watching a series of 14 video clips in the perspective of a car driver and clicking the mouse when you feel you see a potential hazard. The purpose of the hazard perception test is to check for your alertness and concentration on the road.

Be warned that you cannot beat the system just by clicking over and over again. Clicking too early, just clicking continuously or in a pattern during each clip will score you nothing. You also will not be able to review your answers or make any changes at the end so our advice is click carefully!

To score points you need to click the mouse each time you see a potential hazard start to develop and each time something changes to show that hazard developing further.

Booking Direct have made preparing for the tests described above as easy as possible. The team recognize the importance and need for preparing way in advance of your test.
All the necessary Highway Code, theory test and videos are available as part of the booking service.

We also offer videos to help support you passing your hazard perception test.