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Practical Test Booking Service

Please note: It should take you around 2-3 minutes to book online.

To book your DVSA Practical test online you will need:

1 Your valid UK Provisional driving licence number
2 Your credit or debit card details
3 A theory test pass date and certificate number
4 A Valid e-mail address to receive your Test Appointment details


The following credit and debit cards are accepted:

VISA, Mastercard, Maestro, Switch

DVSA Practical Driving Test Information

Practical Driving Test Centres are operated by the DVSA in England, Scotland and Wales and by the DVA in Northern Ireland. The Driving Test Examiners are employed by the respective agencies and apply national standards when assessing the competence of test candidates.

Whilst Practical Test Centres were historically often located in densely populated and therefore busy areas; modern policy is to locate centres in areas of specific demand, often by working with local authorities or even private businesses such as Halfords to provide smaller, more viable venues where required. The DVSA plan to replace numerous, often older town centre venues with fewer modern multi-purpose out of town centres is also continuing.

Most Practical Driving Test Centres will provide car parking facilities for candidates and a waiting room, often with toilet facilities.

At the allotted test time the Examiner will enter the waiting room and call out the candidate’s name. Following identity checks the Examiner will ask the candidate to complete an eyesight test before briefing the candidate on the test process and conducting the ‘Show Me / Tell Me’ part of the test. Candidates may be accompanied on test by an instructor or friend but the accompanying person must not take part or interfere in the test in any way.

At the conclusion of the test the Examiner will indicate where the candidate should stop, either near to the Test Centre or in the car park provided. The Examiner will then announce the result of the test and offer feedback and advice to the candidate concerning test performance. The candidate’s instructor may be present for the de-brief if the candidate so wishes. At the end of the de-brief the Examiner will issue either a Practical Driving Test Pass Certificate or a document stating the reason(s) for failure. Successful candidates are permitted to drive unaccompanied from receipt of a pass certificate and will be advised by the Examiner on the process for obtaining a full driving licence.

You can find details of your preferred or nearest DVSA Practical Driving Test Centre by entering your postcode in the DVSA UK Practical Test Centre Finder or by selecting a centre from the alphabetical list provided here.